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Precision Machining Services

Precision. It's What You Expect. It's What We Deliver.

Shared Vision provides complex machining of precision parts for the aerospace, automotive, defense, heavy equipment and medical industries. Our team of machining professionals meets customer expectations through a combination of quality, timely delivery and customer responsiveness. Our ability to work with a wide variety of metals while specializing in close tolerance precision work has placed us in the top tier of machine shops.

TAG Family of Companies

TAG Holdings acquires companies and infuses them with the capital needed to build and grow operations. The TAG executive team provides the expertise and direction that enables the companies to deliver innovative solutions that propel customer growth.

Industry Specific Solutions

Shared Vision produces complex parts for the world's most demanding applications. From NASA’s space shuttle launch vehicle to artificial heart components, Shared Vision can meet the most challenging requirements.

Corporate Profile

Founded as Schwartz Industries in 1963, the company merged with Panda Precision in 2002 and the company's name was changed to Shared Vision. In January 2013, Shared Vision was acquired by TAG Holdings.