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CAD/CAM Programming

At Shared Vision we are making a name for ourselves with the ability to cut complex surfaces using gouge free multi-surface machining that will reliably interface to other CAD systems. We believe there is no single CAD/CAM.product that meets all of the needs of our customer’s diverse surface machining requirements. Because of the variation in the machinability of raw materials, different approaches are essential to optimize toolpath feed, direction, and speed. We can generate toolpath with any of three "Art to Part" systems whether the materials are titanium, high nickel alloys, stainless steels, electrical steels, magnesium, or free cutting aluminum and plastics. Choosing the appropriate system will result in time and money saved as well as an accurate finished part!

Multiple CAD/CAM Systems for Unique Capabilities

  • PowerSHAPE combines a powerful modeling functionality with ease of use to enable the user to produce models in the shortest possible times
  • PowerMILL the most advanced CAM system of its kind generates toolpath almost instantaneously
  • MasterCam Mill includes a new faster multi-surf NC toolpath generator and imports parasolid models directly
  • MasterCam Design, OpenGL architecture enhances CAD design capabilities with surface modeling and shading
  • CIMLINC’s ToolMaker for complex parting line toolpath generation
  • MasterCam Draft, has powerful support for our 2-D and 3-D CAM design engineering requirements
  • Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, HP Basic and Xenix are operating systems currently utilized

Toolpath Verification and Utility Programs

  • ViewMILL for a realistic machining simulation or cutting the actual toolpath in machinable wax to the part geometry for absolute validation is also an alternative
  • N-SEE a true Solid Model NC toolpath Verification and Inspection Program
  • Production PRO by MasterCam is a knowledge based module that dramatically reduces our model creation time
Reliable CAD interfaces such as SAT translator imports ACIS solids as surfaces and convert into CNC toolpath quickly. Other supported file formats are IGES, DXF, VDA, STL,CADL and parasolids X_T. An IGES Parser Verifier accepts and checks ASCII files to CALS IGES subsets for errors to allow for easy identification and correction.

Electronic CAD data files can be downloaded via the Internet using FTP (file transfer protocol) directly to our website. We also can accept large email files. Our email address is If these methods are unavailable, Zip disks, magnetic tape, floppy disks or multiple floppy disks using a Splice Utility can be used with excellent results. Our CNC machine tools interface through a DNC network. Our unique use of stand alone computers that directly interface with the CNC machine control allow for the NC program size to be virtually without limit. Manufacturing precision machined medical parts requires working with tighter tolerances and unique materials. The top-of-the-line equipment, knowledgeable staff and heightened controls at Shared Vision make us stand out in the field of precision medical machining.